Judges make errors like any other human being. Unfortunately, a judicial error often determines the outcome of a lawsuit. Judges may misapply the law on dispositive motions or at trial which leads to the dismissal of valid, high value plaintiffs’ cases. Conversely, judges may make mistakes instructing jurors or allow the consideration of improper evidence which leads to an unjust verdict against a defendant. When judicial error involves significant financial consequences, it is essential to choose an experienced and knowledgeable Texas appeals attorney to represent your interests. We represent businesses and executives in civil appeals throughout Texas and the Fifth Circuit.

You cannot appeal a court judgment or order merely because you didn’t agree with it. However, if you believe that an unfavorable outcome at trial was due to harmful error, the law firm of Charles Bush Law Group P.C., can explore your possible appeals.

Our appellate practice handles civil appeals in state and federal courts of Texas. We work directly with clients that were parties in a lawsuit (plaintiff or defendant) to pursue appellate relief, and with trial lawyers who are reluctant to accept the appeal due to time constraints, location or other conflicts.

In order to successfully appeal a trial court ruling, you must demonstrate that the lower court made an error of law. This can include improperly allowing or excluding evidence, as well as incorrectly instructing the jury on the law. At the appellate level, the court will only hear legal arguments, and will only make rulings on the law. Because of this, to be successful in an appeal, you need a lawyer who has skill and experience conducting legal research, who can prepare and submit a compelling brief of the law to the court, and who has the knowledge and skill to effectively represent you in oral arguments before the appeals court justices.