Criminal appeals make up a large part of our practice at our firm. Our appeal attorneys may deal with many criminal appeals, including habeas corpus petitions. The appeals process allows the defendant to correct problems in the trial process or procedural errors that may have resulted in an erroneous conviction. We focus on sentencing reduction, reduced probation requirements, and total overturning of convictions, and they can help you. Appeals in criminal cases are based on the desire to introduce evidence or objections to some aspect of the trial, introduced by the defending party. We can enter such an objection for you. Our appellate law firm can provide legal advice and offer powerful arguments before the court.

If you’ve been incorrectly convicted of a crime, offering your innocence might be challenging. For this purpose, getting in touch with experienced Texas appellate lawyers, like the ones at the Charles Bush Law Group will be your defense.

Our Texas appellate law firm is available to clients in need of a court case appeal in either the federal, civil or criminal court systems. Attorneys at the Charles Bush Law Group, with its years of legal know-how, has the knowledge to represent you within the Texas appellate court system. You have the right to know if your rights were fully protected during your previous pre-trial or trial where the findings may not have turned out as you had expected.

As appellate and trial practice vary quite a bit, many appeals attorneys specialize in this field and fewer engage in both appellate and trial work. It is in your best interest to engage the services of an experienced Texas appellate attorneyto increase your chances of a favorable outcome.